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19 Jan 2015
What's SEO Article Writing? - SEO Copywriting Explained

Many freelancers have queries about what's SEO; what exactly is SEO copywriting; what's SEO writing. This article explains - in detail - what this can be. And, how to earn more from this like a freelance writer.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for for the phrase "search engine optimization." Search engine marketing is all about doing somethings aimed at your website to drive more visitors into it so that you can increase internet sales - and traffic.

What are some of these "things?"

There are lots of, but wish to consider discuss what it is because it pertains to freelance home writers. And, what this means is writing text inside a certain way to ensure that web surfers (ie, online users) can land on a certain site.

What is SEO Since it Pertains to Freelance Writers?

What freelance home writers must be focused on is keywords. Exactly what are keywords? Keywords would be the content that web surfers type in once they hunt for things online.

For instance, let's say you're interested in starting a foreclosure cleanup business. You might not know anything about this besides foreclosures are hot in news bulletins today and you're interested in starting this sort of company.

So, you log onto your preferred search results, (eg, Google, Yahoo! MSN, etc.) and sort in the keywords "foreclosure cleaning business" or "foreclosure cleaning" or "foreclosure cleanup" as well as other relevant search term.

Note: When you type words into a search engine to locate something on the internet, what you type in are known as a keyword (one word) or even a keyword phrase (several words with commas between).

How Businesses Get to the The surface of Search Engine Results

Whenever you enter these words and hit "ENTER", a number of sites appear and also you start to surf (ie, click the results) and begin investigating the websites to see if they've the information you'll need.

Web sites that pop-up would be the results that search engines like yahoo, Yahoo, MSN, et al believe are the most relevant to the keyword (aka key phrase) you typed in. Companies pay lots of money being one of the primary several pages inside the results that search engines return.

Why SEO Copywriters are So Sought after and just how They create Their cash

A great way they arrive at appear within the initial two or three pages of results is to have relevant text which contains the appropriate keywords. And, this is when you being an SEO copywriter can make a fortune. You write the text that the site needs to appear full of search engine results. explanation of seo

Often times, companies will simply give you a couple of keywords and key phrases and allow you to write what you want -- provided that it is a certain length (usually 300-500 words).

There are many freelance home writers - hundreds of thousands, or even a few million. BUT, just a tiny minority know very well what SEO is and ways to write this kind of copy. And, this is the reason they're so in demand.

SEO copywriters come with an in-demand skill. And, as more companies move larger portions of their advertising budgets to website marketing, there's an sustained interest in their skills. seo for increased traffic


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